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Groupe FaceBook Bear Grylls France
Etats Dame
                Le Survivant (Documentaire Canadien avec Les Stroud)                                                
Dual Survival (Télé-Réalité americaine avec Dave Canterbury et Cody Lundin)
Man Woman Wild (Télé-Réalité Americaine avec  Mykel Hawke et Ruth England)


Ray Mear’s Bushcraft ( Documentaire Anglais avec Ray Mears)


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  • Commentaire de weezy

    bonjour comment avoir les episode de les stroud svp merci

  • Commentaire de admin

    va sur le forum il y a un post avec les liens ;)


  • Commentaire de Little Bear


  • Commentaire de Abysai

    I watch both Survivorman and Man vs Wild. Even before all this info about Bear Grylls came out I was alyaws rolling my eyes when I watched Man vs Wild. He does so many things that one just does NOT do in any survival situation ( running down a rock slide, climbing sheer cliffs when there are other options, even if it adds an hour to your travel )where even a broken ankle could spell death. I watched Grylls ( in grizzly territory) scramble from his shelter to run through the woods in the dark of night supposedly because some large animal, possibly a bear was stalking around his camp. Then he stops to explain how well he can see in the dark as his eyes become adjusted to the darkness WHILE the woods around him are bleached out in light from his camera crew. That same crew had to scamper through the woods in the dark with him to escape from that possible grizzly. What total folly. In that same episode, Bear almost tears up explaining that the toughest part is the solitude , that he’s got nobody to talk to for encouragement. Again WHILE his camera crew is beside him. I wouldn’t take antything away from his accomplishments, but as far as a survival show goes, Man vs Wild is B.S.

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